The Benefits of Human Hair Extensions

Deep Wavy 100% Virgin Human Hair Extensions

Deep Wavy 100% Virgin Human Hair Extensions

Women often wish for thicker, fuller and longer hair than what they naturally have. Luckily, today women have the option of adding human hair extensions to their natural hair to obtain their desired hairstyle. Our extensions at MACnificent Hair offer several different benefits.

Variety in Textures

Virgin hair extensions come in straight, wavy and even kinky textures. You will choose your texture depending on the look that you want to achieve. MACnificent Hair is 100% human hair with no fillers. We use great care in choosing our hair extensions and because of our great quality it is impossible to detect that it is not your natural hair.

Low Maintenance

Because of the different types of hair textures, it is sometimes a task to prep our own hair for styling.  With the right extension choice it can be as simple as “wash and go”.  Also, some hair types get oily very quickly.  When wearing hair extensions, since the hair is not attached to the follicle it absorbs oils at a much slower rate. Since the hair absorbs oil at a much slower rate, you will be able to go much longer between washing and conditioning.Our hair is manufactured specifically for us, meeting our rigorous standards.  Expect minimal (if any at all) tangling, shedding and/or grey hairs.

Variety in styling

Once your hair extensions are installed using your preferred method, you will find that they are very easy to style.  With quality hair extensions you can dye, cut, straighten and curl them as you would your normal hair.  One of the perks of extensions and hair weave is that you can instantly add length and fullness achieving any look you choose.

Different Lengths and Hair Types

Our extensions come in 12″ to 34″ depending on the hair that you select. In addition, we offer extensions in Brazilian, Malaysian and Indian Hair types. You should select the one that best fits your natural hair and desired hair style. The possibilities are endless, join other women (and men) today and try our human hair extensions!!

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