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Hair Care Guide

Hair care tips....

Please keep in mind that once the hair is cut from the donor that it is no longer “alive”. For this reason you should use the utmost care in styling your hair. If you properly care for your hair it should last for a year or more. Moisture, Moisture, Moisture. When washing your hair remember to thoroughly DRY tracts.  Please also visit the following links about human hair and the truth of what to expect http://forum.blackhairmedia.com/topic104187.html & http://forum.blackhairmedia.com/topic91070_page1.html.  These are two great links of the raw truth about human hair.  We are able to keep our costs low because we ship your hair to you in it's natural state which will allow you to cut, trim, condition, and process your hair as you see fit.  On this website as well as others most of the testimonials and pictures you see are of finished hair styles that may contain product.

Wash hair vertically to prevent tangling and try not to bunch up hair. Use good name products on your hair. There are products in any budget that will work well with your hair. Some of my favorites are; Mixed-Chicks, Pantene, Infusium, Herbal Essence (Hello Hydration) and Biolage. Don't forget to use a light leave in conditioner or heat protectant. Also try Simply Stylin' Hair Serums to help maintain hair.

Deep Condition your hair monthly. After any chemical treatment remember to reconstruct and/or deep condition the hair. Always use a paddle/vent brush when wrapping and before styling. If you notice tangling it is time to deep condition. Also periodically use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of build-up.

Excessive flat ironing will alter the curl pattern the same way it would with your own hair.

When wearing your hair curly, you must shampoo 1-2 times weekly to remove product build-up. Never sleep on wet hair. At night braid or twist your hair to keep the integrity of your curl pattern.

Straight hair...for optimum results please wrap hair nightly with silk or satin scarf.

Remember this is natural hair, so it needs the same attention and care that you would give your own. Your own natural hair needs to be trimmed and cleaned up, so your purchased hair needs the same attention. We recommend trimming and cleaning up your ends after your initial installment and after any color treatments.